It happens ALL the time...when I shake the hand of a new acquaintance, they naturally ask me what it is I do for a living.  "I am a holistic health coach, and I help people change their lives simply by changing what they eat."  Then this happens:  My newly found acquaintance responds with a blank stare accompanied with an “Oh, that’s interesting” as their eyes began to wonder, hoping to find the next person to speak with for fast exit from our conversation.  (I'm thinking I might need to spice up my title a bit!)  

We resist this general idea of “being healthy” because we don’t think it’s important.  We don’t think it will be fun.  We think it will be too time consuming, too restrictive, very unappealing, kind of confusing, and way too boring. 

Guess what?  This perception is wrong.  Dead wrong.  There is an amazing transformation that happens as soon as you make the choice to live healthier.  Incredible changes like a thinner and stronger body, energy and motivation, a clear mind, less colds and illness, VITALITY!  Being healthy is far from boring, it's on the exact opposite end of the spectrum.  It's fun to be healthy!  Amazingly fun.  Energy and optimism replace fatigue and boredom.  Motivation takes over, opening a plethora of opportunity for you to step up and participate in life, not just watch from the sidelines.  (Playing football instead of watching it on tv, playing tag with the kids instead of sitting on a bench at the playground, volunteering or participating at an athletic event you didn't even know existed).

Let's consider what a holistic health coach is and how working with me will dramatically change your life.

First things first, my approach, my 'modality', my passion lies in nutrition and healthy living in relation to diet.  So many people are utterly confused about what to eat, what is truly "healthy', how to shop and how to prepare food.  It's a sad state that we're in to be confused about what to eat, don't you think? 

  • Maybe you want to lose weight?  Most of us can identify with this.
  • Maybe you're tired of wanting to crawl under your desk every afternoon to take a nap?  Again, many of us can relate.
  • Maybe you want to get yourself motivated to exercise every day?  Oh, wouldn't that be nice?
  • Maybe you know sugar and junk food is addictive and not good for you, but you can't stop the habit?
  • Maybe you want to increase your athletic endurance and speed?  From being able to climb the stairs without being winded to beating your best running time.
  • Maybe you think you're intolerant or allergic to gluten or dairy but you have no clue where to start?
  • Maybe you have children who are struggling with their weight?  Do you know how this is impacting them physically as well as socially?
  • Or maybe you have children who are struggling to pay attention in school and you don't know how to help.  
  • Maybe you're afraid there is something deeply wrong with your body and you're scared?

Did you know that you can address each of these concerns simply by making changes to your diet? Easysimple changes that will offer amazing results.   

Do you know where to go with your questions?  Your doctor is certainly there to help with serious illness and disease, but where do you find answers and support to make lifestyle changes?  How will you know where to start, what to focus on and how to stay on track?

That's where I come in.  

As a holistic health coach, I offer answers, information, and most importantly, support and accountability through the process of change.  I am vested in the progress of each and every client I work with.  I am a partner, cheerleader and advocate for you and your health.  


That is what holistic health coaching is all about!